About Us

  • Our  Twitter was born on 12th of June, 2010It uses to update all about our apple couple #KYUHAE aka #HAEKYU, also our #SuperJunior.
  • Our Facebook was born on 20th of November,2011. It not only updates all things in our Twitter and exclusives in WordPress, it’s also updated good/ high quality pictures of other fansites. (Of course, it mostly focuses on Kyuhyun & Donghae too!! ;p~)
  • Our WordPress site was born on 17th of December, 2012Here is the place we share our exclusive photos/ fanarts, support events with every #KYUHAEKYU shippers.
  • Our email:  gyuhaebiased0315@gmail.com , contact us if you want. ^^
  • Our admins (Twitter, Facebook, WordPress):

Ni (Vietnam)

Luckynine (Thailand)

Cha (Indonesia)

  • Our staffs

Miho (Japanese translator | Japan)

Ashley (Chinese translator | Hongkong)

Nadia (Korean translator| Malaysia)

Chicken (Photoshop designer | Vietnam)

– Ramie Cami (Photoshop designer | Vietnam)

Mychohae (Photoshop designer | Thailand)

Ja (Photographer | Malaysia)

Dokfinkub (fan-artist | Thailand)


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