Application Form For Being A Part Of GyuHaeBiased

From now on, 2015. 10.19, the application of GyuHaeBiased is always opened in every position for those who really want to be members of us. Read the detail information then fill in the form below and send to GyuHaeBiased email with subjectApplication‘. I’ll check and reply you soon. Thanks for contacting us and good luck!! ^^

2015 Background


  1. Name/ Nick name:
  2. Age:
    [over 16 for admin position is required]
  3. Date of birth:
  4. Nationality:
  5. Country you live:
  6. Twitter ID & link:
  7. WordPress ID & link:
  8. Facebook ID & link:
  9. Position:
    [Twitter admin (KYUHYUN biased is required, because we’re many DONGHAE fans here ^^)/ WordPress admin/ Photoshop designer/ Korean ~> English translator/ Japanese ~> English translator] 
  10. How many languages can you talk/ understand clearly? What are they?
    [fluent in English is required for admin position]
  11. How long have been an E.L.F?
  12. How long have you been an Apple shipper?
  13. How much time can you online for a day?
    [over 3 hours per day is required]
  14. How do you feel about our Apple couple & GyuHaeBiased fanbase?

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