The World Just You And Me

Happy Apple Day!! \^O^/


The Korean sentence “우리둘이만있는세상” means “The World Just You & Me”  |  click on the pic for full size

The Apple Day or we can call it as KyuHae/ HaeKyu’s day that took place on 13th of September every year.


Beside the fan-art & the unreleased exclusive photo above, to celebrate Apple Day, our GyuHaeBiased has a small gift for every Apple shipper. That’s a list all photos of Donghae and Kyuhyun that they posted on their SNS (Cyworld, Twitter or Instagram) together.

These are remarkable points of moments not only for themselves but also for us – Apple shippers. Hope you guys will always love that such adorable couple HaeKyu/ KyuHae and support our fan-base GyuHaeBiased!!

Now~ please keep calm and enjoy all Apple’s memories~!! ;”)


As beginning, we flashback when Kyuhyun updated his Cyworld entry on 2008.11.22
In his ‘K。Story’ folder



Although I’m quite embarrassed to say this……………..

But even this is so popular ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


That gif was a moment when Kyu winked to Hae on ‘Marry U’ stage



Later, on 2008.12.08

Kyuhyun updated his minihomepy column


To make it clearer, here’s the image that he posted


Do you remember? That pic is from ‘Exploration of the Human Body’ last episode ^^


Donghae first started to post about Kyuhyun on his twitter on 2010.05.29

100529 Donghae joked that “I found our Kyuhyun-ee’s long lost twins ^^”

How cute they are!! \^3^/



Donghae posted this


3 weeks at No.1!!! ELF Thank you so so much!! I Love you ELF!! ㅎ Kyuhyun-ah today we got 1st place^^ The lord is watching over our maknae so that he doesn’t get sick! I love you Kyuhyun-ah ^^

On that day, Kyuhyun didn’t perform with SJ members on the Music Bank stage because he was resting after the middle ear infection surgery.



100915-H Donghae uploaded the sweet pic with caption: “In the middle of recording Radio Star chuseok special episode with our GameKyu …^^”


 And also on that day, this photo has appeared on Kyuhyun’s twitpic (not on his twitter) after this photo was revealed, Kyu tweeted on his twitter “……I didn’t even upload that (photo), but why it’s on there.. How to delete it..” and after few minutes later after he tweeted, he deleted his post on twitter and also this pic form his twitpic. 

Why do I feel like they’re a couple who accidentally posted a couple pic

and then deleted it! LOL 




Kyuhyun posted his pic with Donghae during their private vacation in Venezia, Italy with caption: “City of water VeneziaFly up ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ




Donghae uploaded photo with Kyuhyun during their CF filming in Thailand with caption: “Going back to Korea!! Bye bye Thai fans!! See u soon !! Have been happy with u guys!”


On Donghae‘s 26th birthday – 2011. 10.15 – he cheered his happiness with everyone “Thank you for all birthday wishes!!^^ Thank you & Xie Xie & Arigato gozimes & Gracia & Merci & Gracias !!:) I’ll see you at Asia song festival !!


And here is the picture, feat by cute Kyuhyun!! ^^





Donghae posted a selca with Kyuhyun on his Twitter with the caption: “My beloved Kyu ^^ Always thank you and I love you hihihi”

Although that was the April Fool day, I pretty sure that Hae didn’t tell a lie!! ;p~


And capture below was on 2012.07.03


To thanks E.L.Fs’ supports for Super Junior’s 6th album, Donghae posted a tweet: “Sexy Free & Single !! Awesome 6th album !! Thanks ELF With KYU !!”


2012.07.11, at the end of ‘From U’ performance


 Donghae took his initiative to hug Kyuhyun. Then he also posted a capture of this sweet moment on his Twitter: “Always thank you and I love you.”

Later then on that day, Kyuhyun commented the tweet: “Me too ^^”

I don’t know how do you think,

but for me, I call the day “July, 11″ as Apple Confession Day!! :”)



On Donghae‘s birthday (again xD), he shared the video below on his Instagram and said that “Eventhough it is raining, when i open the car’s window I can hear my name “DONGHAI” being called ! This is what I call as a birthday present ㅎ”


You can re-watch that short cute moment here!

Yes, that was Kyuhyun who rolled the car window down and yelled “DONGHAAIIIIII” ^^

The special birthday present from Kyu to Hae~~

It’s such the most precious and sweet present that Hae received! Don’t you think?! ;”)



Although Donghae was not in Korea that time, he still (missed &) posted a cheerful message to Kyuhyun’s first solo mini album.


London Morning, a song thats well-suited for London’s weather ^^ Kyuhyun’s at Gwanghwamun!! Quickly go and listen to it everyone !!:) #KYU !”




Donghae who ninja-ed back to Korea from Swiss straight away to Music Bank just to cheer Kyuhyun’s win for ‘At Gwanghwamun’.


And I do believe, this is one of the loveliest and happiest and meaningful moment for us, apple shippers T^T


When they were in back-stage, Kyuhyun posted his twitter with caption: “(At) Music Bank too ㅜㅜ Is it ok for me to be so happy like this ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ I’m crying for real”


And the lastest (not the last ^^) post is on 2015.07.15. It was also on Donghae’s Instagram


“Naver Starcast live broadcast has started ^^”


How do you feel when you did read all the post? Let us know by comment, ok?! ;”) 



And here is the ever small~ note! ^^

If you wanna take this post away from this wordpress,


and after download our photo and fan-art,


Photo: chm22

Fan-art: dokfinkub

Edit photo & art: Ni

Blog post: Lucky Nine & Ni

From GyuHaeBiased with love!


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